Segment your audiences

Rules of news media engagement, part II; NGOs are no different to organisations in any other sector in that they need to be clear about segmenting their target publics. Too few NGOs are clear about this. When you produce a report, who exactly is it for? Who are you really targeting (or is it a case of hoping lots of people many be interested in what you have to say)? Who do you want to read it? Where do your target publics gather their news? What action(s) do you want your target publics to take? Segmenting your wider audiences into more precise target publics is a worthwhile exercise. It will, in turn, influence how you produce your media assets, how materials are written, how you deploy your media assets and should contribute to far more impactful news media outreach. Any potentially impactful newsworthy material needs to have clear news media targets, informed by your audience segmentation exercise.

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