Rules of engagement with news media

Rules of news media engagement for NGOs; when addressing traditional media, this is a huge area to cover. The first point to make is you should aim to make a good impression on first contact with a journalist/newsroom. Journalists are no different to folk in other professions, waste their time first time around and they are far less likely to be available next time. This may be especially so among journalists simply because they work across multiple media platforms and to endless tight deadlines. So, prepare for your initial contacts and make sure you have something that is genuinely newsworthy (the new and significant …..) to share with a journalist. Be ready to be able to illustrate whatever it is you have to pitch; have real life examples to hand that can be used to illustrate your news story. Make sure you are easily accessible for follow-up inquiries and can assist in the gathering of news assets (video, audio, images) to support the story you have pitched. Making this positive first impression with a news organisation can pay immense dividends in the long run. More (much more) to follow on the rules of engaging with the news media.

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