How can smaller NGOs punch above their weight in the media? 2

Run the truth-test. Much of what purports to be ‘news’ on all media platforms is often merely opinion. Facts are vital, sometimes golden and all too often over-looked. An NGO looking to cut through the noisy crowd of other loud organisations could do far worse than concentrate on pulling together new and significant facts. If you are ‘close to the ground’, delivering aid directly to communities, then this represents a potential competitive advantage. Larger aid agencies can be detached from what is happening on the ground. Generating facts does not mean committing to undertake expensive and time-consuming surveys/original research (of course, original research is a good thing); it can mean assembling solid case studies with fresh data. The value of fresh data (good case studies too) – and accompanying multimedia – can be enormous. They can be used to show what’s new, what’s changed and should be issued in a timely manner to enable the running of the ‘slide rule of truth-testing’ on a prominent opinion. This leads us on to another key approach for smaller NGOs – ‘riding the wave’ media tactics. More on this later.

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