How can smaller NGOs punch above their weight in the media?

An oft heard cry from smaller NGOs is ‘how can we punch above our weight in the media and have real impact when competing against larger organisations with big media teams’? Well, it is not so difficult, if smaller NGOs put in place a few key disciplines. These key disciplines are often missing elsewhere. More thoughts on these key disciplines will follow soon. However, the first and fundamental point is an understanding of ‘what is news?’. This can be (hotly) debated, but take it from journalists, those who have written, produced and edited news output. If you can drive the agenda by saying something new and significant about what will or has affected people, then you are in a strong position. Too few do this. Many organisations offer their opinions on a current event and deem it news. You usually have a to be a genuine decision-maker to have an opinion that is newsworthy. So, start thinking about what you have to say that is a) new and significant and that will affect people’s lives. Think about – and here is the next key point – b) something that is fact-based. Small NGOs are often closer to the ground than larger organisations. Facts are part of your daily work. More to follow…

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