How can smaller NGOs (& organisations) punch above their weight in the media 3?

Smaller NGOs (non-governmental organisations), and more generally smaller organisations, have an immediate advantage over their larger competitors/peers and bigger beasts in the private, public and global diplomatic sectors (e.g. United Nations) by being more nimble, flexible and quick. Nothing new in this. As we know, smaller organisations usually do not need the time-consuming, multiple sign-offs through extended hierarchies, and usually smaller organisations eschew the oft-found in-built risk adversity of larger beasts. Picking up again on the value of evidence-based ‘new and significant’ information (see earlier blogs), the standard process of a ‘rapid assessment’ of a fast-moving issue or situation is where smaller organisations may come into their own. Smaller organisations frequently conduct rapid assessments of an issue – for example flows of refugees through a country or countries – and within days can use these rapid assessments as the basis of news media outreach (among other purposes). You have lots of exciting new data to work with. This tactic of maximising the value of a ‘rapid assessment’ can immediately deliver higher brand profile and consequently broader fund-raising and advocacy results. Never overlook the multiple ways of using a well-conducted and speedily turned around ‘rapid assessment’. It can produce wonderful data and a significant snapshot that sometimes challenges preconceived ideas about what’s happening on the ground.

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