Curious communication methods of UK Conservative Party

I try hard to view the UK election through  a prism of neutrality when looking at communication methods employed by major political parties. Their differing approaches are of interest. From this stance it has to be said the current UK Conservative Party leadership is using unorthodox and possibly counter-productive techniques. A few brief, slightly random but important, observations/questions. What was their campaign social media plan? Why is there no spokesperson this morning for the major news programmes? This is probably unprecedented in the modern era. It means their political opponents & others are setting the agenda. Even the former Chancellor George Osborne’s Evening Standard has said: “We now have a minority Conservative government that is in office but not in power. Its majority depends on the caprice of 10 Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland.”. Ouch. Moreover, the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn – it is a fact that he did not win the election – has cleverly positioned himself as the election victor through well-crafted, instant public statements on multiple communication platforms. By default, by not having clear communication lines, and spokespeople instantly available for the public domain, promoting their political vision, the Conservative leadership will now be on the back-foot in its public statements, responding to the narratives of others. (Are they seeing their roles as political policemen, responding to the political views of others/only keeping political developments in check?) All this leaves an information vacuum. It raises the question of whether they can ever recover from a perception (rightly or wrongly) of lacking political vision, grasp of forward-thinking political details, and openness to public discussion & listening. These have become, through their own communication methods, bigger and wider challenges for them.

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