Crisis communication & British Airways

As the dust settles after the British Airways computer hiccup, it is surprising that airline bosses speak of learning that they have to “..become more flexible and more communicative about things….”. Err yes. Social media has been around for some years. When you have a high profile, reputation threatening issue playing out in the public domain, public communication must be immediate. This has been so for years, arguably before social media was ubiquitous. In an emergency, where in this case thousands of travellers were unable to fly, a first rule is to speak out, explain as best you can and offer solutions. Be available. Your primary target publics are external, not solely internal. An organisation that is silent leaves an information vacuum. Inevitably, this will be filled with the worse kind of speculation. It is surprising that airlines chiefs are only now getting to grips with these communication principles. Are Communication Chiefs sitting at their top tables?


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