Media Training

Suzanne offers training to those who have to give interviews to journalists, particularly TV and radio. She specialises in coaching people to express themselves in clear, simple terms. Her clients include technical experts, such as doctors and accountants, UN agency heads and activists who have a strong story to tell but have never addressed an audience before.  She focuses on developing confidence and encouraging people to build on their enthusiasm for the subject and allowing their personalities to shine through.

Media training can take place in groups or as one-to-one coaching. It can work well if someone participates in a course and later has a short, individual follow-up.  Courses typically cover:


  • defining and refining the message
  • how to deal with journalists and the technology
  • knowing the audience
  • delivering the soundbite in 20 seconds (or less!)
  • taking control of the interview
  • coping with unexpected questions
  • performance – how you look and sound
  • thinking on your feet
  • dealing with nerves
  • speaking at a press conference
  • the “elevator pitch” – making your point to decision makers