Job Interview Skills

Suzanne provides coaching on how to come through the job interview process successfully.  This again can take the form of a training course or one-to-one.


For recruiters:

  • fair selection processes
  • analysing application forms
  • preparing the questions
  • preparing to meet the candidates
  • dealing with nerves – theirs and yours
  • behaviour during the interview – body language, how to ask questions etc
  • note-taking
  • making a fair and right decision
  • dealing with challenges from unsuccessful candidates
  • giving constructive feedback

For Recruiters and Candidates

For candidates:

  • tips for the application form
  • preparation and research
  • anticipating and answering the questions
  • defining and refining the points you need to make
  • delivering succinct examples of your abilities
  • speaking fluently and authoritatively
  • voice projection and tone
  • paying attention to appearance – clothes, body language, posture
  • responding to difficult interviewers
  • thinking on your feet
  • dealing with nerves
  • asking for feedback