Career Counselling

Career Strategies for Organisations

Suzanne has experience of the international development sector and broadcasting, most notably the BBC. She qualified as a career counsellor with Career Counselling Services in south west London.  She served with the BBC’s in-house service, Careerlink, where her clients came from all craft areas and support services.

Suzanne specialises in supporting journalists from all over Asia, including Burma, Indonesia, China and Cambodia, who encounter bribery and threats while usually earning less than a living wage.

She operates on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.  She works with individuals, companies, informal networks of friends and “trailing spouses” who are posted to a new country, having to reinvent themselves and apply their skills in new ways in order to find work.

For individuals Suzanne will typically cover:

  • composing your resume/CV
  • analysing your skills and achievements
  • deciding what you want/don’t want from your career and life outside work
  • building a network
  • setting short and long-term goals
  • how and where to look for jobs
  • plotting the route to the next step
  • having the courage to take that next step
  • overcoming obstacles
  • preparing for a job interview
  • anticipating the questions
  • dealing with nerves
  • interview role play

One-to-one counselling can take place over a period of weeks or months – the time-frame is entirely flexible and dictated by the client.  Five sessions or fewer, of up to 1.5 hours, are usually all people need.

Formal courses

Some businesses, organisations or informal groups – such as women returners – may prefer career planning in the form of a course. The advantage of this is that it is a ready-made networking opportunity and delegates are typically very supportive of each other.

At the end of a one-day course, participants will have:

  • reviewed their past achievements
  • have a good idea of their wants and don’t wants to achieve a work/life balance
  • a detailed draft of a resume/CV
  • ideas of their short and long-term goals
  • set some objectives and committed to a time frame

[superquote]“An hour and a half with Suzanne was better than 20 hours in therapy. I found skills I didn’t realise I had and rediscovered my self confidence.”[/superquote]
-Nurse seeking to return to work after raising her children, now moving into public health management.

For Organisations

Suzanne will also act as a consultant to businesses wishing to find ways to retain skilled staff.  This can involve:

  • conducting a training needs analysis
  • conducting a skills audit
  • facilitating short workshops with staff
  • working with managers to introduce or consolidate opportunities for professional and personal development of their staff. These include alternatives to promotion which nevertheless encourage staff to stay and develop satisfying careers

[superquote]“Suzanne is a versatile and talented trainer and career coach.  She is able to inspire her clients, yet challenge to produce results.  Her flexibility and creativity, combined with a practical approach, make her a development professional I recommend without reservation.”[/superquote]
– Caroline Wright, former Head, BBC Careerlink.