Suzanne provides coaching on how to come through the job interview process successfully.  Coaching can take the form of a training course or one-to-one.  She also has experience of the international development sector and broadcasting, most notably the BBC, where she qualified as a career counsellor with Career Counselling Services in south west London.  She served with the BBC’s in-house service, Careerlink, where her clients came from all craft areas and support services.

Suzanne specialises in supporting journalists from all over Asia, including Burma, Indonesia, China and Cambodia, who encounter bribery and threats while usually earning less than a living wage.

She operates on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.  She works with individuals, companies, informal networks of friends and “trailing spouses” who are posted to a new country, having to reinvent themselves and apply their skills in new ways in order to find work.

See Job Interview Skills and Career Counselling.